The only software provider in China that has the ability to develop the underlying algorithms

A feature-rich economy smart camera

CK SmartCam


Used in electronics and 3C, laser, battery and new energy, hardware and printing, food and medicine and packaging industries

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In 2003, Techtronic formed a technical mission to research image algorithms. In 2005, it registered a company with a current registered capital of 5 million yuan. After the company's dozens of engineers and algorithm experts unremitting efforts, the successful development of China's first high-performance machine vision software package CKVisionLib, and has been applied in different fields, the software products introduced to fill the gaps in the domestic related industries . The "CKVISIONBUILDER" software series developed by Chuangke Vision has become the leading machine vision software without any programming in China. Through years of efforts, we have developed into a powerful and skilled machine vision industry expert ...


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