CkVisionOCX is an embedded intelligent Machine Vision software carefully built by Ck according to different customer groups. It is equivalent to the "kernel" of CkVisionBuilder. It is very simple and flexible to use. It can not only meet the needs of users who want to program, but also meet the needs of users who don't want to program.           
It covers positioning, measurement, recognition, code reading, defect, color, 3D, logical operation, image preprocessing, etc., inherits all image function modules of CkVisionBuilder and visual system construction mode. Users only need to spend a small amount of time to develop a beautiful interface, and then spend a small amount of time to build a visual inspection process by using CkVisionBuilder, and then develop a visual inspection process A complete visual system, supporting all kinds of hardware interface, supporting all kinds of programming language calls, is very suitable for all kinds of non-standard customization and OEM occasions.           
In addition, CkVisionOCX has a very attractive price performance ratio and is a good and rare Machine Vision software on the market.

Software characteristics     
Vision component has integrated camera acquisition, image preprocessing, image calibration algorithm, image processing, data serial port communication, data Ethernet communication, IO communication, data writing text.           
Only through the software pop-up editing process window, the program architecture can be edited. The software supports VC, VB, C, BC, Delphi and other development languages.           

Software superiority           
1. The software engineer does not need to write the image acquisition interface function by himself. The software already supports most cameras on the market.           

2. Software engineers do not need to write communication interface functions by themselves.           

3. Software engineers do not need to write their own image calibration algorithm.           

4. Software engineers no longer need to know hundreds of functions in previous DLL versions.           

5. If the customer needs to increase or change, it is not necessary to send a software engineer to the customer's site, just change the process of the program to achieve the effect.           

6. The software supports Chinese and English interfaces.

About our testing process:            
The test process of Ck includes the following stages:           
1. Set your goals with
Ck's sales engineer           
Because each visual project represents a unique set of challenges. Our goal is to understand the key factors for the success of the project. Ck's sales engineers work with you to understand what your test objectives are and what functions best meet them.           
2. Propose test solution           
Once the test objectives are defined, we propose a solution that specifically meets those objectives. A typical proposal outlines project tasks, deliverables, schedule, and costs. We use your test requirements and specifications to design solutions that meet your goals.           
3. Improvement proposal           
If necessary, we will improve the proposal to reach a consensus on a final plan to meet all specified test criteria, timelines and budgets.           
4. Implementation plan           
We execute test plans, use our proven test methods and industry best practices, and complete all test tasks on time and on budget.           
Communicate project status with defect reports and test summaries during a test project. Defect reports are available in real time to our sales engineers.           
We provide personalized attention during project execution and at all other stages of the test project.           
5. Project completion and next test cycle plan           
At the completion of the test project, the customer receives the final deliverables of the project. This may be the final report, test automation script, or other test documentation.           
In addition, most projects receive a detailed status report outlining the progress of the test project. This is particularly useful for functional test projects, where you can provide useful summary information about specific problem areas and suggestions for further testing.           
Then, we work with the customer to determine if another test cycle is needed and, if so, how much further testing is needed.


* In order to be able to process the information in time and feedback the results to you,it is recommended to contact us by email:Click send email

* In order to be able to process the information in time and feedback the results to you,it is recommended to contact us by email:Click send email

CKVisionOCX Embedded Machine Vision component

Support VC, VB, C, BCB, QT and other development languages

Manual Download

First use instructions           
OCX software

Control development manual functions

Control development manual functions

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Sample Code Download
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VB Sample code   

Qt Sample code    

LabView Sample code

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