CkVisionSDK is a Machine Vision image low-level algorithm software package independently developed by Ck company, and also the only Machine Vision image algorithm software package with independent intellectual property rights in China.           
CkVisionSDK includes blob analysis, object counting, geometric matching, gray matching, contour matching, multi contour matching, color matching, character recognition, barcode recognition, circle measurement, circle finding, caliper measurement, external and internal measurement, color recognition, image basic operation (binarization, scale transformation, open operation, closed operation, expansion, corrosion, filtering, edge detection), geometry more than 400 function functions, such as operation, image merging, image rotation, contour extraction, 3D, etc., are the result of many years of research on image underlying algorithm and technology accumulation of Ck company. It supports all kinds of hardware interfaces and programming languages. It is very suitable for the customized development of equipment standard software, with high economic benefits. At the same time, it is suitable for schools or training institutions to do image algorithm teaching.           
In addition, CkVisionSDK keeps pace with the times. The "deep learning" and AI image algorithm under development will improve the existing algorithm library and recreate brilliance in new fields!

1、 Software features    
1. Excellent algorithm, super fast operation speed           

2. Software 1 / 20 sub-pixel algorithm           

3. High cost performance, stable software operation           

4. Simple function call, Chinese function description           

5. Provide standardized function interface and support seamless upgrade           

6. Precise interpolation algorithm           

7. Support all image acquisition equipment, wide range of application           

8. Functions are divided into multiple modules, encapsulated in the form of class library, and easy to call   
2、 Software functions    
1. Image preprocessing function           
  Gray morphology: including expansion, corrosion, opening, closing and edge gradient functions.           
  Gray filter: including smoothing, sharpening, enhancement and brightness, contrast adjustment.           
  Arithmetic and logic: including addition, subtraction, absolute value subtraction, and, or and exclusive or.           
  Image conversion: color image to gray image, color image two value and gray image two value.           
  Image transformation: including affine transformation and perspective transformation.           
2. Two dimensional measurement function           
Edge point detection tool: detect the position of one or more edge points, and detect sub  edge point position of pixel precision.


Spacing measurement tool: it is used to measure the width and height of the product, and can detect the spacing between multiple pins at the same time.

Straight line fitting tool: make straight line fitting for a group of input coordinate points to get fitting error data such as difference, reference point of straight line and rotation angle, with high accuracy it can be used to measure and locate products.

Circle fitting tool: make circle fitting for a set of input coordinate points to get fitting error, the center coordinates and radii of difference and circle have high precision and it has strong stability and can be used to measure circular workpiece products.

3. Defect detection function           
Image difference comparison: compare whether there is difference between two images, and then use blob function.            
It can extract the feature of difference point, and can be used to detect the defect of label printing.

Blob analysis tool: detect the geometric features of connected area, including area, center of gravity, number of holes, circumscribed rectangle, principal axis feature, convex hull feature and minimum surface product circumscribed rectangle. According to the eigenvalues, it can be determined whether it is the target or defect point to be found.

4. Target location function           
Gray area matching: Based on gray normalized cross-correlation matching, with fast speed and recognition high rate, sub-pixel accuracy can be achieved through interpolation, allowing  there are brightness and contrast changes in the target.

Geometry matching: matching function based on shape features, with fast speed and high precision and high recognition rate, even if the target has rotation and partial deficiency sink or occlusion and uneven light changes can be found.
Contour matching tool: use the edge contour feature of the image as a template to search for similar shape targets in the image, it allows the target to rotate, scale, brightness change, blur, occlusion and complex background, compared with shape matching, it has higher recognition rate, positioning speed and accuracy.


5. Camera calibration function           
    Camera calibration tool: support dot matrix calibration board, which can automatically calculate the camera and calibration transformation parameters between plates, including translation, rotation, scale and inclination skew data.

6. Code reading function           
    QR code reading tool: This tool is used to read data matrix QR code, and can automatically locate QR code, and allows the QR code image to rotate at any angle.

QR code reading tool: This tool is used to read QR codes, and can automatically locate QR codes,           
and allow QR image to rotate at any angle.

For more information, please contact Ck company or CKVision official account.

About our testing process:            
The test process of Ck includes the following stages:           
1. Set your goals with Ck's sales engineer           
Because each visual project represents a unique set of challenges. Our goal is to understand the key factors for the success of the project. Ck's sales engineers work with you to understand what your test objectives are and what functions best meet them.           
2. Propose test solution           
Once the test objectives are defined, we propose a solution that specifically meets those objectives. A typical proposal outlines project tasks, deliverables, schedule, and costs. We use your test requirements and specifications to design solutions that meet your goals.           
3. Improvement proposal           
If necessary, we will improve the proposal to reach a consensus on a final plan to meet all specified test criteria, timelines and budgets.           
4. Implementation plan           
We execute test plans, use our proven test methods and industry best practices, and complete all test tasks on time and on budget.           
Communicate project status with defect reports and test summaries during a test project. Defect reports are available in real time to our sales engineers.           
We provide personalized attention during project execution and at all other stages of the test project.           
5. Project completion and next test cycle plan           
At the completion of the test project, the customer receives the final deliverables of the project. This may be the final report, test automation script, or other test documentation.           
In addition, most projects receive a detailed status report outlining the progress of the test project. This is particularly useful for functional test projects, where you can provide useful summary information about specific problem areas and suggestions for further testing.           
Then, we work with the customer to determine if another test cycle is needed and, if so, how much further testing is needed.

* In order to be able to process the information in time and feedback the results to you,it is recommended to contact us by email:Click send email

* In order to be able to process the information in time and feedback the results to you,it is recommended to contact us by email:Click send email

CKVisionSDK Machine Vision software development package

Rich interface functions, providing DLL and supporting VB / VC and other development tools


30 days trial license             


CKVisionSDK User manual

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